Tooth Eruption

The teeth begin forming before your child is even born. The lower front teeth can start to come in as early as 4 months of age, but typically come in around 6 to 8 months of age. The timing can vary quite a bit even between siblings. However, all 20 primary teeth will normally have come in by the age of 3.

Permanent teeth start to erupt around age 6. The first ones to come in are usually the first molars in the back or the bottom two in the front. The process of losing teeth and having teeth come in will continue until around the age of 21, when the third molars erupt. However, as with the primary teeth, when the teeth come in will vary with each child.

It is important that as your child has teeth coming in, they are evaluated on a regular basis. By doing regular evaluations, we can make sure that your child’s teeth are developing properly and give tips on how to care for their teeth. We’ve included charts that show when teeth typically erupt and when they are lost as your child continues to grow. These are just guidelines, though, so if your child doesn’t follow this exactly, your child is more than likely still developing normally. If you do have questions or concerns, call our office and we can take a look for you and address any concerns that you have.

Eruption Charts

Primary Teeth Eruption Chart

Permanent Teeth Eruption Chart