Making an Appointment at Healthy Smiles Kids

At Healthy Smiles, we understand the importance of scheduling appointments around your child's schedule. We realize that every child responds differently and we welcome your input about the time of day your child will do best, but we do have some recommendations. We have found that these recommendations go a long way in having a comfortable experience at the dental office.

We have noticed that younger and anxious children usually are in a better frame of mind for a positive experience in the morning. We also prefer to see children requiring longer appointments in the morning when they are rested and alert. A morning appointment also allows you the remainder of the day to monitor your child's recovery.

We try to set aside our later appointments for older children because we realize that their school schedules can be inflexible, but exceptions can always be made. If it is necessary for your child to miss school due to a dental appointment, we will be happy to provide you with a school excuse.

Every patient is special to us and our staff would like to spend the full appointment time with each patient, so it is important for you to be on time. Each scheduled appointment is reserved exclusively for your child, so please give our staff 24 hours notice if you must cancel an appointment. This gives us ample time to notify other patients who may need our care. Also, please understand that we run on "kid-time," so please be patient if children require additional time, and understand that we will do the same for your child as needed.

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